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Taking Charge of Your Positive Direction
ISBN: 14120-7020-1 - Paperback
by J. Bert Freeman
Available in paperback - $24.99Ebook - $7.99, Kindle Edition - $3.99

What you say today can impact your life tomorrow. Your choice of words can move you in a direction towards or away from effective personal and professional relationships and you are in charge of that choice. In this book, J. Bert Freeman identifies the impact of choosing positive direction and shows you skills and approaches that you can use right away to build those important relationships.
Almost every page is a learning experience.
Book synopsis - pdf
Your Positive Direction NOW
ISBN 978-0-557-36040-6
Paperback by J. Bert Freeman 

This paperback includes the first three chapters of the book Taking Charge of Your Positive Direction, with some enhancements. It also includes an appendix of over 270 example phrases for using positive direction in your everyday life.
Available in paperback - $15.00 and Ebook - $4.99
Your Positive Direction NOW
Audio Book, narrated by the author, J. Bert Freeman
This 3-disc set audio book is your companion, word for word, to the book Your Positive Direction NOW, with some enhancements. Learn core skills and approaches you can use right away for your positive direction. Available in 3-disc  Audio -  $20.00 andMp3 download - $10.00
Maximizing Workplace Respect
Ebook - PDF by J. Bert Freeman
More than ever, people of different backgrounds and different generations are working together. Two of the most compelling issues in the workplace are ‘being respected’ and 'being respectful'. This e-book helps you to experience both successfully in ways that they contribute to productive relationships in the workplace. $5.99
Positive Direction ESP
Performance Development Manual
Organizational ESP (E
xcellence on the Same Page

Through the power of direction and real-time application, you learn to use and establish the framework that unifies your organization. The “Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction” framework (Unity of Effort framework) is designed to make it easier for the effectiveness, efficiency and execution of everyone’s efforts to function in the same direction – everyone’s ‘Excellence is on the Same Page’ (ESP) in the direction of the customer.



Everyone can know where to concentrate

Everyone can know how to accelerate progress through communication and information

Leaders can identify and support everyone’s direction of excellence, everyday

Organizational support professionals can clearly identify connections to front line performance and delivery

Your organization can function at an even higher level for your customers

This manual is a comprehensive, universal guide for using the Unity of Effort framework effectively. The appendix includes a full version of the book Your Positive Direction NOW by J. Bert Freeman.

Many of the practices, skills and approaches in this manual connect to experiences and encounters that we have in our lives. Hence, you will learn and develop a number of practices, ways and processes that are titled with acronyms or catchy phrases such as ESP (Excellence on the Same Page), RPM (Relationships, Performance and Morale), CUPS (Concentrate, Unify, Position and Sustain), Synchronizing the Direction of Excellence, TOLLing (Total Open Listening and Learning), Internal Partnering for the External Customer, Complete Respect, The Core Questions, ‘First the direction; then the correction’ and more. They work because you use them.
Positive Direction ESP
Performance Development Manual - For Educators
Organizational ESP (Excellence on the Same Page)

This manual helps us to deliver great learning and development projects, courses and seminars that lead to ‘excellence on the same page’ for student success – students meeting/exceeding grade level requirements and expectations; students exceeding qualifications for college and career readiness.

Learning and Development Options:
Organizational ESP: full staff learning and development projects
Leadership ESP : Multilevel Leadership Consistency (includes School Boards)
Team ESP : for grade level teams, content teams, project teams, focus teams and management teams
Educational Support ESP : for Educational Support Professionals
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